If you have a dog that needs to be played with, or walked while you are away, I would love to do that for you. I offer reasonable rates and high level of dependency. The dog lady also welcomes multiple dogs and other pets. If you want your pet pampered, please fill out the forms and contact me, the dog lady, at jane@thedogladyky.com. Services are currently offered in the Crestwood area.

I was fortunate enough to grow up around all kinds of animals; horses, cats, rats, ducks, donkeys and of course dogs! I love dogs and my goal is to see dogs treated with kindness and love. I promise to give your pet the needed time and attention that they deserve.


I have known the Dog Lady for almost half my life. She is truly one of a kind. She's hard working, dependable, honest and sweet. I would trust The Dog Lady with my life. If your looking for someone to take care of your 4 legged babies, look no further. You couldn't find a better person than her.


The Dog Lady did a great job taking care of our dogs. She texted us to let us know how they we're doing and sent pictures as well. I would definitely ask her to to dogsit again.


The Dog Lady took excellent care of our dog while we were in Europe. She went out of her way to give us daily reports and responded quickly to our inquiries


The Dog Lady watched our pets while we were away and did a great job!


The Dog Lady is a good friend of mine whom I have know for four years. The Dog Lady is an honest, loving, and dependable lady who loves all animals as her own. When she was with my dog I was surprised at how quickly she bonded with her and how much my dog loved her in return. I would highly recommend The Dog Lady for taking care of your animal while you are away.


My husband and I have had an empty nest for quite some time. Our youngest is 36 years old. We have always had pets in 50 years of marriage. Presently we have two dogs and a cat. Although they are extremely loved and spoiled they are for the most part well-behaved. We often travel with them because they are all great travelers and we have a home in FL. However, for short trips we needed another solution. We tried boarding them in 2017 in NC. I think they were well cared for and do not blame the kennel but they were basket cases when we picked them up. It also took several weeks to return to their normal selves. Thy were left for less than 48 hours We decided to try a pet sitter. Our neighborhood website listed several so I began email several and made a choice based on emails and proximity to our house. I chose the Dog Lady. She came over ahead of time to meet them. Our cat and small dog are rescues and our Golden Doodle was a gift. All of them like people and were available for her to meet. I wrote long instructions and comments on all of them. They are spoiled just by the fact they are not used to being left alone, My husband is retired and I work only part time. I thought four times a day would be most advisable for them. The Dog Lady was very attentive to them and she texted me about her visits and sent photos of them to us. It was very nice and reassuring to both of us as we are very attached. The only crisis was when one of our smoke alarms had begun to beep to let us know it need it's batteries changed. Our small dog is very sensitive to loud noises (this was not loud yet) but she was getting anxious. The Dog Lady texted us immediately and then we called our son and asked him to come change the battery (which was not a remedy and he had to take it down and disconnect it and we ultimately had to replace the unit.) He found Scout cowering in our tiny laundry room as far as she could get from the sound. Our experience was great, much better than I expected or hoped. The fee was so worth the peace of mind and the care she gave them. We have a fenced yard so she did not have to walk them and I told her so. She walked them anyway and they loved it. I will use her anytime the need arises and she is avaiable and will feel very comfortable leaving them in her care.. I would recommend her to anyone and would be happy to speak on her behalf with new clients.